Medical Device

AGNES is a medical device that protects epidermis and coagulates a target layer by using micro-insulated needle and high frequency (RF). Special micro-insulated needle was designed based on anatomy and a wide range of needle and insulation lengths were to treat different indications. AGNES has functions including dual handpieces, needle checking system, needle stopper and others in order to increase safety and treatment effects.
needle technique
Protects the epidermis
from the skin burns
Square-wave form
Unique waveform to minimize
damage to adjacent tissues
Safety System
Monitoring of needle insulation
status through a built-in camera
  • 01AGNES operates in a simple and easy way for users’ convenience.
  • 02Safe and effective treatment is guaranteed thorough micro-insulated needle and high frequency of square-shaped waveform.
  • 03AGNES is a medical device approved by Korean Food and Drugs Administration.
  • 04Three patents have been applied for the device using high-frequency current for coagulation.
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